New Beer W/C 9th Aug

tccaberdeeninstructor · August 10, 2021

With the lift in restrictions this week we have going on got some top quality beer that will be hooked up this week and next. Please all read over the below info to familiarise yourself with what will be available

Thornbridge Heart & Graft

  • Porter
  • 5%
  • £4.90, 2/3 pint
  • This time we’ve teamed up with Heart & Graft Coffee Roastery based in Manchester to produce a delicious 5% porter. Expect notes of chocolate, caramalised nuts, bonfire toffee sweetness.
  • PLU: 3992

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger

  • Hazy IPA
  • 5.3%
  • £5.00, 2/2 pint
  • Skydiving with sharks. Greco-Roman wrestling with grizzly bears. Playing high-stakes poker with Jean Claude Van-Damme in the basement of a German underground techno club called “Spicé”. That’s what Voodoo Ranger calls a Tuesday. One thing he does take seriously is his beer, and the amazing, tropical tasting Hazy IPA is no exception. 5.3% ABV
  • PLU:3993

Fallen Maine Line

  • 6.2%
  • £5.20, 2/3 pint
  • An IPA in the New England style using both naked & malted oats to create a luxurious silky mouthfeel and a straw like colour
  • PLU: 3994

Tiny Rebel 505

  • 6.2% ABV
  • £5.80, 2/3 pint
  • Absolute juice bomb! One to get your mouth watering packed with juicy, grassy hops revealing flavours of coconut, passionfruit and tart tropical fruits
  • PLU: 3995

Double Barrelled Stretch Limousines

  • IPA
  • 6.4% ABV
  • £5.80, 2/3 Pint
  • For those moments when you need to be that little bit extra! A big IPA coming in at 6.4% ABV
  • PLU: 3996This luxurious IPA brings notes of white wine and pineapple from Galaxy and Vic Secret hops with a pleasing dry finish on the palate.
  • PLU: 3996

Whiplash Jungle Window

  • IPA
  • 7%
  • £5.00, 1/2 pint
  • Another hoppy belter coming your way this week with Jungle Window, a 7.0% IPA rocking heavy additions of Vic Secret, Mosaic and Cascade. Creamy fluffy hazy sillyness is backing up a medley of apricot, strawberries, blueberries and citrus here for a very heady oily hop mix that’s very welcome here at the moment. We’re all banging a gong for this one.
  • PLU: 3997

Brewski Strawberry Pie

  • Berliner Weisse
  • 4%
  • £5.00, 1/2 pint
  • Berliner Weisse with LOADS of real strawberry, raspberry and lemon, with a hint of biscuity vanilla. Contains lactose
  • PLU: 3998

Deya Sunshine

  • Tropical IPA
  • 6% ABV
  • £5.20, 2/3 pint
  • Drawing inspiration from our collaboration beer with Other Half, Sunshine is a tropical IPA with Citra, Idaho 7 and Sabro
  • PLU: 3999

St Bernardus Extra 4

  • Belgian Blonde
  • 4.8% ABV
  • £5.50, 2/3 pint
  • Unfiltered Extra 4 is a classic Belgian “Single” style, light golden in colour, full of flavor and character and brewed with more hops and bitterness in comparison to the other well known St Bernardus abbey ales. Extra 4 is warm fermented and bottled conditioned with an ABV of 4.8%. Extra 4 is a unique, tasty and refreshing spring and summer quencher.
  • PLU: 3827



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