No3. Martini Week

adminiime · June 30, 2021

No.3 & The Craftsman Company Martini Week 29.06.21 04.07.21 Facebook event:

Weeklong event. Alongside our normal cocktail menu, we are launching 5 special cocktails which are based on the no.3 gin and a Mini Martini Flight Board which launched on Thursday with Ross Byrant (no.3 rep) coming in to speak to us and the customers all about the gins and the martinis.

All new drink specs are attached. The special cocktails are all to be garnished with the Ripple machine which is hooked up on the back bar. For this, please the drink on the circle on the machine and click once on the desired design (designs are listed on cocktail specs). The machine will print the design on the foam of the cocktail and it’s ready to serve! The ink used by the printer is a foodsafe barley based colouring. Customers who order any of the no.3 special drinks or even a no.3 gin & tonic get to pick a key off of the ‘wall of keys’ located on the bar and try to open the box with the prize in it. The wall of keys should always have 10 keys. 9 losers and 1 winner. Once a customer uses a key, it is to be replacedwith a new one (loser for a loser and winner for a winner). Keys are separated into two contains behind the bar. One with losers and one with winners. The prizes are in a large box behind the bar. Once someone wins a prize, it is to be replaced with a different item. Mix it up so there’s different things to win every time

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