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Ivy- Stock Management & Orders

Ivy- Food Safety AM/DM

Ivy - Health & Safety AM/DM

Identifying Customers Needs

Wrike Managers - (Getting Started) Wrike for Managers

Ivy - Health & Safety GM

Ivy - Food Safety - GM

Business Operations & Controlling the P&L


Ivy - Business Operations

Ivy - Purchase Order

Staff Development

Recruiting Staff

Ivy - Forecasting Sales

Ivy - Training Plans

Ivy - Local Market knowledge/Competitors

Event Planning - GM

Measuring & Identifying Training Needs

Wrike Admins - Setting up your Workspace

Staff - Incentives

Social Media & Marketing

Recruitment Procedures

What influences people

Scottish Personal License Course

Pop ups & how to deliver them

Rotas & maximising the potential

Maximising Sales - GM

Line Cleaning

Ivy- Cellar Maintenance

Ivy - Communicating Targets

Ivy - Stock Control

Motivating your team

Ivy - How to upsell/cross sell products

Ivy - Till Training - Voids & Complaints

Monitoring guest feedback

Financial & Security Controls

Building Team Relationships & Staff Motivation

Handling Staff Issues

Employment Law

Resdiary - No Show Charges

Creating a Course

Ivy Lodge Kitchen Procedures

ICR Touch - App

Excel Courses - Management

RotaCloud for Managers

Bar Security System

Resdiary - Management Set up

Food Safety

Ivy Lodge- Working Safely

Manual Handling Training


Allergen/Intolerance Training

What is Hospitality?

Customer Service

Ivy Lodge - Bar Procedures

How NOT to pour a Pint

Cleaning the coffee machine


Resdiary - How to use

Ivy - Kitchen Induction

Ivy - Cellar Training

Changing a Keg

Changing the Gas Cylinders

Changing Post Mix

Basic Alcohol Training

Beer Training

Spirit Training

Ivy - Cocktail Training

Ivy Lodge - Pizza Training


Ivy - Maximising Sales

Understanding Stock Control

Draught Maintenance & Bottle Beer Service

Ivy - How to become a supervisor

Ivy Lodge- Till Training - Cash ups

Ivy Lodge - Managing the floor

Resdiary - Floorplans

Complaint Handling

Team Leadership

Team Development

Employment Law - The basics

Ivy - Understanding Rotas

Ivy- Understanding P & Ls

Ivy - Understanding Business Operations

Allergies & Drinks

Ivy -Food & Drink Pairings

Ivy - Influencing sales & current trends

Ivy - Event Planning

Understanding Recruitment

Fire Training

First Aid Training

Knowing Employment Contracts

HR & Employment Law - What you need to know

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