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    Others went to tell me that naked yoga and naked city was the most curative part of the entire festival in their opinion. I will be reminded in this instant that Evolvefest needed naked yoga just as much as naked yoga wanted Evolvefest. Evolvefest is a festival for all paths. All trails lead to the one path of unity. Thanks, Evolvefest, for holding a vision big enough to comprise conscious celebratory nudity within our human and spiritual evolution.

    [A note from Felicity: Our "Naked City" was amazing. At nighttime in the dark with only our glowsticks and lanterns for light, we were not certain we had get anyone to join us. But they did and they had an excellent time! For most it was their very first time in social nudity. We implemented glow in the dark body paint, danced to the music, laughed and talked. We welcomed the light rain on our liberated bodies after a humid, hot day. And as Astarius mentions, many stayed naked even after leaving the "city." Evolvefest Naked City = success, especially thanks to a few excellent FKK’ers who helped make it happen. Now if only they’d let us skinny dip in the pool next year]

    Isis Phoenix is a lusty shaman, herbalist and naked yoga teacher living in Nyc. Learn Never Forget Your Fkk Origins & The AANR-East Convention on her web site: http://www.sensualshaman.com

    Isis Phoenix and Rev. Goddess Charmaine are hosting a CLOTHING OPTIONAL HOLY BODY RETREAT featuring naked yoga, naked church, trance dance and a group healing circle in New York City Sunday, September 29th 10am-2pm at the ABC Sanctuary 638 E 6th St. outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt amazing… so , NY 10009

    Young Naturists and Nudists America

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    Class: Naked Party and Unclothed Occasions, Naked Yoga and Naked Yoga, Societal Nudity BlogsGo Topless for Girls TopFreedom And Top Free Rights!

    (Guest Blog By Melissa DejaNude)

    Topless Equality For All!

    Go Topless – "Free your boobies and free your head!" "Put the breasts back in Constitutional!"

    For months I’d intended to experience this rare thrill within my life, the strategy to experience the sensation of feeling the wind and sun against my breasts on a public sand in LA County, the plan to experience the feeling of true equality as a woman vs. a man within the physical world of societal expectations. Finally was I given the chance to Go Toplessor shall I say topfree?

    GoTopless.org Symbol

    The parade began marching promptly at 2 pm near Elm Street as scheduled. I showed up a couple of minutes late and found myself bound right on in and scouted out for folks who were holding onto the nipple pasties and electrical tape. Before
    "When a lady learns to treat her breasts as items that found someone, that person found me and my top came off quicker than the speed of light.

    Even while this was a day of equality, I could not help but feel myself standing out with the other women amidst the bunch largely populated by men. In a way, I felt like a celeb.

    Never before had I envisioned that marching for freedom would create this type of tremendous spectacle. Normally, I will be not one to polish for the spotlight; however, I found myself marching alongside these liberalists with a grin ear to ear.

    It was a true smile of happiness and liberation while soaking those hot sun rays into skin of my bosom. I thought to myself that this must function as the same sense that men first felt when liberated from their quelling sometime after the Victorian Era.

    In the early 1900’s and earlier, Western culture deplored nudity of any measure including bare-chested male swimmers at beaches or swimming facilities. At this time, guys took great pains to cover themselves both below and above their waste.