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    Issues pertaining to biblical nudity:

    Biblical Nudity – The Bible tells us about the sources of our world and why it’s the way that we see it now. In the first 2 chapters, we read that God created the world and then called everything that He created very great.
    The non-naturist boy says to know that Adam and Eve were naked now and that it was God’s intent for them to be naked. God gave them 1 prohibition: "don’t eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil"; He told them the consequences of eating of the fruit as well: they would perish.

    Nudity In The Bible

    In chapter 3, the Father of lies convinces Adam and Eve that God was incorrect and so they break the prohibition. They notice they were unclothed and in order that they clothe themselves. God wants to fellowship and Adam is hiding because he was afraid because he was naked.

    did not say "reintroduce" but "introduce" (See Cardiner, AAW p. 191). failed to clothe them at that point, verse 9; God clothes them after he curses the earth, Adam’s punishment, v.18; God does that for their physical protection from The Curse. With that as backdrop, simple nudity is mostly neutral, stated as a observation without judgement.

    Let us revive our encouragement and development of a variety of naked-themed artistic expression that celebrate nature, fertility, sustainability. We have to design far more actions around these artistic forms of expression. relating to this lifestyle is did God’s viewpoint of His creation change at the autumn? If it did, then there is certainly a moral reason behind clothing. If it did not, then the reason for wearing clothes is only to protect us from getting hurt, in many instances by the environment. God can’t tempt us (James 1:12-15) and He commanded Isaiah to go nude (Isa 20:2); so that means that being naked is not a sin. So meaning that we have the liberty in Christ to be unclothed.

    Biblical Scripture References:

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