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    1) Do not inject into prisons, local prisons, Justice Department (Doc). whi is tied to the bird. Birds are free. Prisoners are not. Don’t do that!

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    2) Don’t stare at other prisoners! It can be interpreted as the person’s spying or difficulty, and fighting (beef) is inevitable. This rule applies not only to repair centers, but also to all other locations in the community. Understand that there is a difference between looking and looking. Staring means that the person has been looking for more than three seconds.

    3) Do not accept free items (cigarettes, soap, food, toothbrush, etc.) from other prisoners. This simple gesture does indeed lead to debt and may possibly be more advantageous in the future.

    4) Beware of prison or district prison gang camps. Many gangs suspend and control certain buildings and recreation areas. Entering the wrong area means arriving at your home without being invited or ignored.

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    5) Speak only when you speak. Make sure you feel like you are inside. Show confidence but not weakness!

    6) If you have been subject to long jail terms, remember that you are not the only prisoner in this situation. You should try to find other prisoners related to your race. Since most prisoners are far away, selmates are a great place to start a membership search. Make sure the people you meet are not snippets, pedophiles, or anger from the entire prison.

    7) Do not bet or bet on non-repayable or non-repayable money. Risk is too high and you could lose hundreds of dollars or more !!!

    8) Respect and run smoothly with everyone in prison or district prison. But when it’s time to fight and protect your belongings, release your inner demons.

    9) Avoid drugs and alcohol during the sentence. Therefore, these are the worst places you are addicted to these substances. In addition to the high prices behind the bars, these substances make you physically and mentally weak, make you more vulnerable, and destroy your votes.

    10) Do not pet or smell! As soon as you are recognized as a finger man, something comes out and you will simply put some nails on some!

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    Bonus rules

    The most important rule of all is to remember your religion and personal beliefs when you are stuck. There is no more time to redeem your sins with God. Keep connected with the spiritual side by reading and using the positive energy of CORAN, LIMITATION, or other religious books. Positive energy controls negative energy, resulting in interior decoration of the body, mind, and soul. B. Join other prisoners who practice your religion, such as Islam and Christianity. These groups also provide physical protection from harm.