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    5 ideas for a pretty wedding party or chicken party

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    Published on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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    Are you married or are you the best spouse of the future? What does marriage mean? For the past few years, of course, bachelorette or bachelorette parties has meant a lot of drinking and stripper. However, in recent years, both men and women are hoping to get married a bit late, and college "embarrassed" mentalities continued to drink all night, women undressed and treated hangovers until the next day . The other night she was tame with a boy. Strippers and night parties that are only accessible through blurry images of mobile phones do not need to be tame, as singles parties do not have a hangover.

    Often, the best people wait until the very end and perform the least amount of time. Who really wants to pursue this path for years to come?

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    What if a friend had a clean version of a bachelor party thank you the next day instead of asking where Advil was? Imagine being able to talk to a future wife about a bachelorette party as well as share photos of the party.

    Here are five ideas for a graduation adventure that handles all of the above.

    Rafting and camping

    If the future groom loses its fans, why not adventure with everyone? Sure, you can brew enough beer, but don’t forget the minimum or leave it to an adventure planner. On Purpose Adventures organizes weekday and weekend tours nationwide, ensuring that everything is designed to make the weekend easy to enjoy. Spend the day on a wonderful outdoor trip with friends you have met. All levels of experience can be taken into account and the excitement is long after the trip. Try carving Swiss Army knives, carved compass and gifts for bride and groom / stag parties. Useful when seeing a gift or reminding you of time.

    Paintball war

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    Better than relieving stress before the wedding, than shooting friends behind … obviously with a ball. Private parties can be easily organized with the Adventure Planner, and accessories, drinks, food, photos and videos can be included in the adventure. Play scenarios like "Capture the Flag" and "Last Man Standing" to confuse things and do everything you can to try paintball at night.

    Weekend fishing trip to the lake

    How about a relaxing weekend with kids at the lakeside cottage? Adventure planners provide food, accommodation, fishing guides, photos and video calls, regardless of which fish you are. Depending on the season, you might want to be a little more adventurous and hunting quail or crocodile, but no matter how much you like the weekend, you will definitely be able to relax … lathe.

    Jump into a perfectly valid car

    I am trying to create a dive model. Why not try it literally? There is nothing better than falling to the ground at 160 km / h. Tandem jumps are offered in most places for those who have never been before. Of course, your wedding video is great and you are going to be a wife. Look at it and show it to your child. However, this is a bachelor party video you can’t expect to post to Facebook. Adventure designers can see that everything is working and there are many photos and videos as souvenirs.

    Challenge course

    Why celebrate the transition from bachelor to wedding during the day on the high ropes course? A challenging or high-quality course is a great way to get in touch with your friends, solve problems, cooperate, and see if you have what you need to be patient and focused on your body. There is a lot to do around this adventure, and your designer can handle everything from lunch to preparing for a post-challenge party. If you can make your Bachelor degree pictures look new enthusiasm, you will of course earn extra points.